Here at Northern Lites, our goals are to produce quality Yorkshire Terriers in the State of Michigan. Being a Yorkshire Terrier breeder we only breed AKC standard and have excellent references. AKC standard is up to seven pounds. If you would like to read about the standard please click here. We are a small show home where yorkies are our life.

We would like to offer our advice, if you want to buy a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, when buying a Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a Yorkshire Terrier breeder, your not only buying a Yorkshire Terrier puppy but your buying the Yorkshire Terrier breeder as well.

All of our yorkies get tons of socialization as they go with us to many places and we do a lot with them. Our yorkies get all the tender loving care they need. At times we have smaller yorkies, some people call them teacup yorkies or miniature yorkies. These types of yorkies are yorkies that are too small for showing or breeding. People think there are teacup yorkies or miniature yorkies but in reality these types of yorkies are just small yorkies. Buying a yorkie puppy is a commitment for life! Male verses female? Both male and female are very important to us and are love is unconditional for both sexes. If you want a yorkie because you like the breed then male or female should not matter.

Female yorkies are hard to come by because they're often kept by the breeders if they get large enough for show or breeding. Equal consideration should be given to the male and female puppies. We find that males are more loving and devoted much more than females. Males love to be with you more and also stay playful. If you are worried about humping and marking, I can't stress this enough....males do not do this unless they are allowed to! To be honest with you, females will hump and mark just as a male will, hold grudges and will pick one person out of the family household to be with.


If you are interested in yorkie rescue in Michigan please click here. Also if you do a search for yorkie rescue within your browser you will find many more rescues in the state in which you live in.

Northern Lites Yorkshire Terriers, located in the State Of Michigan not far from The University Of Michigan. We are about a hour and a half away from the University of Michigan.

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